Why Shouldn’t You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

One of the worst problems we encounter at Streamline Plumbing is when homeowners use chemical drain cleaners for their pipes. You may not realize it, but store-bought, liquid drain cleaners often make matters worse for your drains. Some of the issues we’ve seen with chemical drain cleaner usage include:

Health Hazards

Most drain cleaners contain chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to handle. Many have the potential to burn holes through your clothing and irritate whatever they touch, including your skin, eyes, and throat. In addition, opening a drain cleaner can even impact indoor air quality, releasing fumes that make it difficult to breathe.

You shouldn’t risk burning yourself or inhaling chemicals just to remove some hair clogs from your drain. When you find yourself dealing with dangerous chemicals to resolve your plumbing situation, that’s the sign you need the help of professional plumbers instead.

Damage To Plumbing

Although chemical drain cleaners may be powerful enough to erode clogs, that means they can also corrode your pipes, leading to damage and expensive repairs down the road. In addition, the acids in drain cleaners can degrade the parts they touch, creating fractures that eventually become leaks, the worst of which is called slab leaks which can be very burdensome to handle.

Failure To Resolve Problem

Despite using harsh chemicals to clean your drains, drain cleaners might not even resolve the source of the problem. Sometimes, drains experience issues due to cracks and leaks that chemical cleaners obviously can’t fix. And in some instances, the chemicals only eat away at bits of the clogs and aren’t even fully eliminated. This creates a gap in the blockage and may allow your water to flow temporarily, but not for the long term. Therefore, chemical drain cleaners aren’t the solution when you want to get rid of recurring clogs.

Contact Streamline Plumbing For Help

Rather than unclogging your drains with toxic chemicals, you can contact our team at Streamline Plumbing for professional drain cleaning services. We won’t risk damaging your pipes with commercial or over-the-counter drain cleaners. Instead, we use tried and true plumbing methods that safely and efficiently remove all forms of clogs. You can try pouring a good old-fashioned mix of baking soda and water down your drains, but if that doesn’t work, call us at 540-481-0380 for a drain cleaning appointment!

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