Alameda PSL Compliance

Worried about Alameda PSL compliance? Well, if so, then you’ve come to the right place! Why? Because the professional plumbers at Streamline Plumbing are standing by to give you a helping hand! Our plumbers have the training, experience, and local licensing necessary to handle any PSL job we come across.

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What Is The Alameda Private Lateral Ordinance?

The Alameda private lateral ordinance states that the section of the sewer line that connects your building to the city sewer falls under the building owner’s responsibility. In other words, you must do any repairs, replacements, and other necessary work on your sewer lateral at the home or business owner’s expense.

For more information regarding the Alameda private lateral ordinance specifics, feel free to contact our professional plumbers or check out their website here. We’d be more than happy to help explain it to you.

How To Meet The Standards For EBMUD Private Sewer Lateral Compliance In Alameda

For complete EBMUD private sewer lateral compliance in Alameda, you must complete the following (from the East Bay PSL website):

  • Get your lateral inspected by a licensed Alameda EBMUD sewer lateral contractor (like us here at Streamline).
  • Fix or replace your sewer lateral if the inspection(s) find problems.
  • Then schedule a secondary inspection with EBMUD.
  • Next, fix any issues found in the secondary EBMUD inspection.
  • Once all necessary repairs are complete, download your copy of the Compliance Certificate, and you’re good to go!

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