Oakland PSL Compliance

The Oakland PSL compliance experts here at Streamline Plumbing are here to help ensure that your private home sewer lateral complies with the East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program. So, if you live in the EBMUD wastewater area (shown in green on the map from the link above), then you’ll need help making sure your private sewer lateral complies. Fortunately, ensuring compliance is something our team of professional plumbers can quickly help you with. So, contact us today, and we’ll send a professional Oakland EBMUD sewer lateral contractor out to your home or business right away.

What Is A Private Sewer Lateral?

In the most simple terms, a sewer lateral is a pipe that connects a building’s sewer system to the public sewer main. It starts at the building and ends once it has reached the municipal sewer line. Due to zoning regulations, property owners are always responsible for any maintenance, repair, or replacement work done to their lateral. For more information on private sewer laterals, contact our team of Oakland PSL compliance plumbers.

What Are The Qualifications For EBMUD Private Sewer Lateral Compliance In Oakland?

For complete EBMUD private sewer lateral compliance in Oakland, you must complete the following (from the East Bay PSL website):

  • Have your sewer lateral inspected by a professional Oakland EBMUD sewer lateral contractor (like us here at Streamline)
  • Repair or replace your sewer lateral if the inspections find faults or damages
  • Schedule an inspection with EBMUD to ensure compliance with all regulations
  • Fix any problems found during the EBMUD inspection (if necessary)
  • Download and print your copy of the Compliance Certificate

Contact Us For Help Complying With The Oakland EBMUD Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance

Here at Streamline Plumbing & Underground Sewer Construction, we pride ourselves on offering the most thorough, professional Oakland PSL compliance inspections and repair services around. So, if you’ve put off getting your sewer lateral checked, now is the time to act. Contact us to schedule a compliance inspection today!