Have you noticed interesting odors around your home? Do you have water spilling out of your toilet or sink? These are all signs that your sewer line has a problem. At Streamline Plumbing & Underground Sewer Construction, we provide sewer camera inspection services for your home with our in-line video cameras. Give your Oakland, CA, sewer line the care it needs.

Why We Use Cameras for Your Sewer Line

A sewer line is deep underground. Determining the source of your sewer line problem is not easy without the help of a sewer camera inspection for your home. With cameras, we pinpoint the issue and determine what to do next. The use of cameras helps fix problems quickly, saves you on potential costly repairs later, and shows you how to prevent these problems from happening again.

What We Find With Our Cameras

Although every person’s sewer line problem is different, we often see a consistency with the problems we find. Reasons why your sewer line is damaged include:

  • Grown tree roots
  • Sewer line leaks
  • Sewer line corrosion
  • Clogged drains

All of these problems are fixable, but we wouldn’t be able to diagnose them quickly without the use of a camera.

What We Do After the Camera Inspection

What we find in your sewer line and the extent of the damage determines what we do next. We are equipped to handle all types of problems and are well-trained in sewer line repair, installation, and replacement.

We’ll sit down with you, explain the problem, and provide quality and effective service so that your sewer line will be like new.

How You Can Get in Contact With Us

Do you have a potential leak or clog in your sewer line? Call Streamline Plumbing & Underground Sewer Construction today at (510) 481-0380 for your sewer camera inspection. We offer 24/7 emergency service, so you can rely on us anytime for anything.