El Cerrito PSL Compliance

When it comes to El Cerrito PSL compliance, you can always turn to the experts here at Streamline Plumbing. We can ensure your home complies with the East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program, helping you avoid fines and fees for failing to keep up with your sewer lateral maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Each of our plumbers has the training, experience, and equipment necessary for everything from PSL compliance testing to making sure your sewer line is 100% up to code. So, if you’re worried about meeting El Cerrito PSL compliance standards, then you’ve come to the right place! Contact our team of professional plumbers to schedule an inspection or service call today!

First Of All, What Is A Private Sewer Lateral?

In short, a private sewer lateral is nothing more than a pipe that connects your sewer system to the main (public) sewer line. As the name implies, private sewer laterals only apply to homes and businesses on the public sewer system, and not to those connected to a septic system.

Due to the zoning laws in El Cerrito and the Bay Area in general, all maintenance, repair, replacement, and other work done on a private lateral is the full-responsibility of the building owner.

If you’d like more information regarding private sewer laterals, then feel free to contact our team of plumbing professionals. We’d be more than happy to help ease your mind regarding your sewer lateral responsibilities.

Meeting The Standards For Private Sewer Lateral Compliance In El Cerrito

For complete private sewer lateral compliance in El Cerrito, you must complete the following (from the East Bay PSL website):

  • Have your sewer lateral inspected by a professional El Cerrito sewer lateral contractor (like us here at Streamline)
  • Repair or replace your sewer lateral if the inspections find issues
  • Schedule an inspection
  • Fix any issues
  • Download your copy of the Compliance Certificate

Contact Us To Ensure You Meet The El Cerrito Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance Requirements Today!

Here at Streamline Plumbing & Underground Sewer Construction, we pride ourselves on offering the most thorough, professional El Cerrito PSL compliance inspections and repair services around. So, if you’ve put off getting your sewer lateral checked, now is the time to act. Contact us to schedule a compliance inspection today!