Sinkholes – What Do They Have To Do With Your Sewer?


Sewer And Sinkholes?

Did you know that sewer problems are one of the most common causes of sinkholes on private property? That’s right; sinkholes are often the result of sewer line issues! Not only will a leak in your line require repairs, but it may also allow for the conditions that lead to sinkholes. Fortunately, the sewer specialists here at Streamline Plumbing are also your local sinkhole experts.

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How Do Sewer Problems Cause Sinkholes?

When water or sewage seeps into the ground surrounding your pipes, it causes underground erosion. Eventually, the erosion becomes so severe that underground pits form. Slowly but surely, this erosion results in cavities near the location of the leak. Once the cavities become large enough, the ground above them gives way, creating a fresh sinkhole on your nicely manicured lawn.

How Can Streamline Plumbing Help Prevent Sinkholes?

As sinkholes can be the direct result of a sewer leak, the best way to avoid them on your property is to have your lines inspected regularly.
Doing so allows us to catch sewer problems before they become the source of a massive sinkhole on your lawn.

Using drain line camera technology, we can perform thorough inspections of your lines that will reveal any existing damage. If we discover any during this process, we can stop most leaks before a sinkhole develops! After the inspection, we can begin to plan any repairs or replacements that we may need to perform on your sewage system.

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Sinkholes are not an obvious problem, not until they swallow up your lawn, that is. Sewer line problems, on the other hand, are much easier to recognize. If your drains suffer from constant clogs or you notice wet spots on your lawn, chances are you have a sewer line issue. Don’t wait to have these issues checked out! Have Streamline Plumbing inspect your sewer lines today and save yourself the headache of having to deal with a sinkhole on your property. If you’re concerned you might be dealing with a sewer line leak, call us today at (510) 481-0380 or contact us online!

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