How to Avoid Costly Sewer Repairs After You Buy a Home

Sewer Lines

Sewer repair and replacement are necessary services, but they’re also costly. If you’re about to buy a home, you need to know how to avoid sewer problems in the long run so you can keep your system in great shape for as long as possible. These tips will help you take care of the sewer in the home you purchase.

Inspect the Sewer Before Buying the House

The home inspector you hire to inspect the house before you buy will not inspect the sewer. To get a sewer inspection, you’ll need to hire a specialist who can perform these services. Sewer inspections are done by a camera and can reveal various problems about your home’s sewers, such as cracks and clogs.

If you get a sewer inspection before purchasing a home, you can avoid purchasing a property with a sewer problem. Ultimately, a sewer inspection can save you thousands of dollars in sewer repairs.

Be Smart When Planting Trees

If you decide to plant trees on the property after moving into the house, be careful to plant trees away from sewer lines. The roots of a tree in the wrong place can crack or break your sewer system, which will then need repair or even replacement.

To avoid these problems, research the size of the tree you’d like to plant and find out how large its root system grows. Shallow, expansive, fast-growing roots tend to be the most problematic for many properties. Some trees, in particular, are known for being a hazard to sewer lines, such as silver maples and weeping willow trees. Don’t plant these trees anywhere near your sewer lines.

If you’re not sure where your sewer lines are, call your utility company. They should be able to help you identify the location of your sewer line. Once you have this information, you can make an informed decision about where to plant new trees.

Keep Trees Watered During Times of Drought

During times of drought, trees will grow longer roots to find moisture. If a tree is going to invade your sewer lines, it will probably happen during the dry season. To prevent this from happening, water your tree when the weather gets dry, so the tree never needs to extend its roots in its quest for water.

Know the Signs of Sewer Backup

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your sewer will malfunction and begin to back up. If you know the signs of a sewer backup, you can take action early on and avoid sewer emergencies that cause damage to your home and possibly even harm your sewer system itself.

Warning signs of backups include:

  • Many drains becoming slow at once, especially the lowest drains in the house.
  • Water running from one fixture to the next instead of flushing down the drain.
  • Pipes making gurgling noises when flushed with water

If your home’s sewers start to exhibit signs of a problem, contact a reputable sewer specialist today. They can schedule an appointment to inspect your sewers and find the root of the problem.

You can avoid many costly sewer repairs by taking good care of your sewer lines. However, even with your best efforts, problems can still happen, especially as your system ages. Eventually, you’ll probably need a sewer inspection and either repairs or replacement.

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