Emeryville PSL Compliance

In Emeryville and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area, there is an ordinance that was recently passed that requires residents to update their sewer laterals before the sale of a property. This is to help with the growing problem of leaky sewer laterals, causing pollution and sewer main overflows all over the bay area. This ordinance is called the Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program (PSL) and has been in effect since August of 2011 in some regions. If you have had your sewer lateral repaired or replaced, then you will need a compliance certificate from the EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utility District).

Keep The Bay Area’s Water Clean

This ordinance is primarily in existence to help maintain the cleanliness of the area and the bay itself. Old sewer laterals leak wastewater into the ground and storm drain system. This seepage of raw sewage into the water supply is both hazardous to the health of Bay Area citizens as well as local wildlife. Keeping this water and land clean should be the top priority for city officials and area residents. A faulty sewer lateral can also allow rainwater to seep into the sewer system, which causes overflows and dangerous sewer backups.

Who Does This Emeryville PSL Ordinance Apply To?

This private sewer lateral replacement program applies to anyone who is selling/being sold a property or anyone who is increasing/decreasing water service that requires a change in meter size. Obtaining the PSL certificate from EBMUD is also needed for anyone who does $100,000+ worth of renovations on their home or property.

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