Bad Smelling Drains – What Can You Do About Them?

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You first notice it when washing the dishes. Something smells off in your kitchen drain. You run hot water through your sink, hoping to eliminate the smell, but no such luck. Over the next few days, the scent intensifies until it becomes unbearable. It can be challenging to identify the source of drain odor and even harder to eliminate it. What you think might be an issue with a single drain may be a system-wide issue! That is why we’ve prepared this simple guide to help you determine the best way to eliminate any odors in your home plumbing.

A Plunger May Help Removing Stinking Clogs

Before starting down the road to complicated procedures, using your friendly household plunger is always worth it. If you’re lucky, the issue causing your sewer odor may be a loose clog that needs a little push to get down. In this case, a plunger may be all that you need.

Household Chemicals May Help To Deodorize

Most odors require a little extra effort beyond simple plunging. While this procedure shouldn’t often occur, a vinegar and baking soda cleanse is usually enough to combat unpleasant odors in your drains. Start by applying some dish soap to the drain and then chasing that with a good amount of boiling water. Follow this with a cup of baking soda(not powder) and follow it with an equal amount of distilled white vinegar. The instant foaming action will not only help to kill bacteria and deodorize your drain, but it might also loosen clogs. Follow this with hot water and a good plunging; you’ve got a handy solution to most drain odor issues.

Smells May Linger Near Plumbing Joints

Your plumbing has safeguards to prevent sewer gas from wafting into your home. The u-bend is one such countermeasure. As the name implies, the u-bend is a portion of pipe shaped like a U. This shape makes it impossible for the rising gas to travel downwards and eventually out through your sink. However, this u-shape that keeps smells out often also keeps debris trapped. Therefore, there is a good chance your drain smells from food scraps, oil, and hair trapped in the u-bend. To remedyRemovetion of your pipes, clean them, and reinstall them.

Ventilation Keeps Odors Inside

All plumbing is vented in one way or another, as ventilation helps maintain the proper level of pressure in the system. The ventilation also has the added benefit of ensuring that the worst of your sewer odor never makes it into your home. However, you might find that sewer gas is making its way into your home regardless. In this situation, you’ll need a professional plumber to assess the condition of your ventilation.

Professional Sewer Repair May Stop The Odor At The Source

A backed-up or damaged sewer line is the only cause for copious sewer gas in your home. Unfortunately, there’s no way to deal with this on your own. If you suspect that your sewer line is damaged, your best choice is to leave the job to professionals. They will perform extensive cleaning, relining, and replacement services using state-of-the-art technology to ensure you never again suffer from the same sewer odor.

A Professional Drain Cleaning Can Solve Your Odor Issues

Most foul drain odor is easy to clean with a few household staples. It is only when the smell is intense or stubborn that you need the help of a professional. From drain cleanings to hydro-jet services, Streamline Plumbing has you covered with all plumbing solutions. So the next time you have problems with your pipes, know that our team of experienced professionals has your back.

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