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A Few Streamline Plumbing Customer Reviews
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Streamline Plumbing is an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. Here are a few notes we have received from our customers over the 20 years we have been serving Bay Area residential and commercial customers. We really appreciate our customers and go out of our way to deliver the best service possible.


We needed to replace 140 feet of sewer lateral because of recurring tree root obstructions. Streamline's bid was the lowest, and they did their work accurately and on time. Greg was also able to persuade the City of Oakland to charge us a minimal "Creek Permit" fee. One of the other bidding companies had told us that this fee would be 6x higher than what was actually charged by the City after Greg spoke with them. Though we hope never to have to do this again, we were very pleased with Streamline's work from start to finish and recommend them highly.

Fred K.
Oakland, CA


Streamline replaced about 100 feet of our sewer line by trenchless last week. The job was done efficiently and quickly. Their bid was the lowest given the scope of work. All permits and certificates were obtained and given to us right after the work was completed. The repairs to the street and sidewalk look very good. The job site was left cleaner than it was before and there are two new clean outs placed in convenient locations. I would definitely recommend them and use their services again.

Melvin T.
Oakland, CA


Streamline just replaced our sewer line as required by EBMUD. Great work: most reasonable bid, arrived early, finished early, scheduled the inspection with the city for that day and I had my certificate of completion before the end of the evening. Worry and hassle free. On top of that the men doing the work were a pleasure. I highly recommend Streamline Plumbing.

Cynthia B.
Oakland, CA


Thank you for your courteous and timely service to repair our collapsed and nearly 100 year old clay sanitary sewer line from the home to the mainline in the center of Keith Avenue, a very busy two-lane street in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland.

You came highly recommended by friends and past customers that you had already served. After completing the work for us we would like to express our appreciation as very satisfied customers and we WOUld like to highly recommend you for plumbing and sewer projects in the Bay Area.

You and your work crew were prompt, knowledgeable, clean, organized, well equipped, and provided service in a very professional and infornatlve manner.

You kept all of our appointments and were on time from inspecting the situation, to drafting a proposal, to scheduling the project start, and to constructing and completing the sanitary sewer repair. You always took our telephone calls or returned them promptly when we had questions. You and your crew explained the purpose of what they were doing when r visited to watch the progress of the work.

The excavation to access the sanitary line was kept at a minimum. At completion of the project the excavated areas were repaired to clean and level conditions as they were prior to the construction work. In the end there was very little sign of disturbance after the project.

In addition to your business being well staffed, your company is well equipped for any size job - large or small. You may have considered our project a small job being a residential repair however it looked like a large job to us with numerous excavations and lots of work underneath the ground. All the times we observed your work there was always the necessary large and heavy equipment such as trucks, trailers, a backhoe, video cameras for beneath the ground, steel plates to cover the ground, pylons, tape to cordon off areas, to keep the area safe.

Furthermore, Streamline appears well experienced by complying with City Codes, specifically by obtaining the required City of Oakland Building and Encroachment permits and passing all their required inspections. Moreover, our contract was comprehensive and did not include any hidden costs that mayor would have been added if there was any additional or unexpected work that came up. The transparency of how you conduct business was a pleasure. Streamline left no doubts and no worries in tackling and completing our sewer project.


Pete and Elma P.
Rockridge residents and property owners


Thank you so much for the excellent job your company did at our office in Oakland. You did the video inspection and showed us the video and explained what you found and what was going to have to be done. Your contract was clear and explained your proposal very well. Your men came right at the scheduled time on the scheduled day and got all the job done in a day and a half. They had the inspectors come out from EBMUD and the city and got clearance and you have just sent clearance with your invoice.

The crew was very efficient and polite and explained to us what they were doing at every stage of the job. They left the place very neat and tidy.

The price of the job was exceptionally reasonable and competitive.

Jon and Margaret S
Oakland, CA


Streamline Plumbing is great! I feel lucky to have found them for my sewer line replacement and am sure you will be as satisfied if you use them.

Greg, the senior estimator, is great. Very knowledgeable, patient, no hassle, and honest. The trenchless sewer line replacement was done promptly with excellent quality. He also made sure the proof of inspection sign-off by district was mailed to me.

I haven't had such wonderful experience with services for very long time. Highly recommend Streamline.

Steve L
Fremont, CA


Thank you so much for the excellent job you did here at my duplex. This property was built in 1909, and the old tile sewer was very much in need of replacement.

I called Streamline because a close friend was very happy with the job you did for her a few years ago. I appreciated the many letters of references that you provided, and I am happy to add to this list of references.

You explained the proposed trenchless sewer line replacement very well and I appreciated the videos you showed me so that I could understand the scope of the job that would be required here. I was prepared for a very large-scale operation that would require one or two days (depending on possible scheduling issues with the City of Oakland and East Bay MUD for the inspections). We did in fact run into this scheduling issue - and I was glad to be prepared for the possibility of a two day job.

Your crew was very professional, thorough, and considerate. I was impressed that they carefully removed the calla lilies and piled them neatly so that I could easily replant them in the areas that did require excavation.

Thank you as well for noticing an issue on the neighboring property and calling this to my attention.

The price of the job was exceptionally reasonable and two friends in the business (plumbing and general contracting) felt your price was very competitive.

Thank you so much for an excellent job!

Janet N
Oakland, CA


No one wants to buy a new sewer. Other than the cost, the worst part is wondering if you are getting a good job at a good price. Streamline just replaced my sewer, and as a former plumber I have nothing but good things to say about their work and their price. For a job like this there is no "market price", you will get estimates that vary by 200-400%. Streamline beat all the other guys' prices and handled the plumbing work and the business end very professionally. Greg's "no problem" attitude made the whole experience easier, and their crew worked like a well trained army. It's obvious that they do a lot of these trenchless sewers and are good at it. In San Leandro the homeowner is responsible for their sewer all the way down to the city main in the middle of the street. I live on a street where one by one they're all needing replacement. I'm going to see to it that my neighbors all know about Streamline and how they came through for me with their price, competence, and service.



Having our sewer replaced was a bit daunting; it is a big job and is costly (though not as much as I had heard). However, we had roots at eight different places, so it needed to be done. We had reached the point of three clean-outs in less than three months, and we never knew when there would be a backup (usually at the most inopportune time). After considerable research and multiple quotes, I went with Streamline Plumbing, Castro Valley. They really know what they are doing, and there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. The crew was professional, did an excellent job (the street repair was exemplary), cleaned-up well, and finished five minutes earlier than expected. In addition, the quote was very competitive. The owner, Greg, answered all my questions, and I am sure that if there were ever a problem, he would make it right. I highly recommend Streamline Plumbing for trenchless sewer replacements. It is my understanding that they have done over 10,000 of them, and it shows.

Charles R
Concord, CA


I was astounded by the prompt, courteous, professional service of this company. We had our sewer line replaced by Streamline. Not only did they give us the best price of the plumbers we contacted, but they showed up precisely on schedule, finished on schedule and still navigated a difficult tree root problem without causing us any extra fuss. They cleaned up nicely and billed us after the job was done.

This is such a huge contrast to the usual hassles and broken promises I have experienced with other home construction professionals

There was one problem due to a miscommunication between us and Streamline on the scope of the work needed. One portion the repair did not get completed. But Streamline offered to come back out and complete the extra work at no additional cost, despite the extra time and cost to them. Leaving their customers satisfied was a priority to them.

Timothy G
Oakland, CA

April 24, 2012

Dear Greg,

Thank you for doing such a great job!

The job turned out to be complicated and extensive and I so appreciate that you so carefully explained everything to me.

Thank you for coordinating with other contractors to make sure that our business tenants would be up and running as soon as possible. I especially appreciate that you went above and beyond when you went back to the job site - after the sewer work was completed - to pinch hit for another contractor so that our tenants could reopen their business.

Thank you for taking care of all the City inspections and approvals and making sure that we passed with flying colors. I appreciate that you continually kept me updated as the job progressed - I always knew what was going on.

I always felt your commitment to getting the job done right and quickly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Streamline Plumbing.

Best Regards,

Eve W.

Greg, thank very much for taking the time to come out to my parents house on such short notice and preparing the quote in a timely manner. I really appreciate it. In addition, you were great at examining both scenarios, yours and the other guys; you took great time and explaining everything to me and made me realize how the other company would have stopped short of completing the task at hand. The timing of your crew getting the job done before my parents came back from their vacation worked out perfect. Five stars in my book.
Thank you,
Jim A.

May 3, 2010
Dear Greg:

A special thank-you to you Greg and the Streamline crew for an outstanding job on repairing my sewer line.  Greg and the crew were so patient in answering all my questions.

I was so impressed with the wonderful team and hard working crew for their dedication and time spent to please the homeowner.

I choose Streamline Plumbing for my sewer job and will highly recommend you for any sewer job.  Congratulations to you for an A+ job and the crew.

Joan, San Leandro, CA

Dear Greg martin, you did an outstanding pipe replacement at my building at …. Excelsior Ave. in Oakland, when you repaired the sink hole and lateral pipe. I am glad the City told me to get at least 3 bids. You sounded the most organized, knowledgeable and professional. I was amazed at how fast and perfect everything went just as you said it would. I would be happy to reassure anyone who has their doubts about you company. Thank you very much for being a one in a million type of up front honest professional company.
Vivian W, Oakland, CA

Dear Greg Martin,

Your company came out and did a Trenchless Sewer Lateral line at my home.  I would like to let you know that your crew was very accommodating.  They answered all of my questions, (which helped me to understand what was being done with my money).  They were also very polite and kept my property neat and clean.

If there was a rating system from 1 – 10 I would rate your crew 100%.  I would be very happy to recommend your company.

Please thank your crew and thank you for all of your help when I called and asked you questions.

Nita, Concord, CA

Dear Greg,
    Thanks to you and all the crew for a great job.  We were very pleased with how professional and hard the crew worked.  You must be very proud of the company and all the crew, even the guy that did the inspection made a comment that we had picked a very good company, and your crew did excellent work.  Thanks again for a great job.

Jack, San Leandro, CA

January 25, 2010
Dear Greg,

Thank you and the Streamline crew for the terrific job replacing our old clay sewer pipe using the trenchless system.  Your professionalism through the process – from inspection to bid to securing permits to coordinating the utility companies to replacement to cleanup – was outstanding.  Not only that, but your price was extremely reasonable compared to the other bids I received from competing companies.

I want to extend a special thanks to the crew who braved a once-in-a-century rain storm complete with hail and howling winds.  Their commitment to getting the job done no matter the weather was truly heroic.

With much appreciation,
Dwight, Orinda, CA

Just a note to let you know how professional your crew was while here to replace my sewer.  They answered all my questions until I was satisfied.  I will certainly recommend you to my neighbors.

Mike – Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Mr. Martin:

Thanks again for the one day service.  It doesn’t even look like you were there at all.

Good Job,

20 September 2009

I wanted to drop you a note to express my complete satisfaction and wholehearted recommendation on the work you and your crew performed on my replacement sewer line.  

My project was a bit unique in that the main sewer line ran through the front yard of my neighbors, upsetting their yard instead of digging in the middle of the street.  Not only did you assure me but also my neighbor that your crew would do everything possible to minimize the disruption.

When I came home that evening both my yard and my neighbor’s yard looked as nothing had happened, not only did your crew take exceptional care but re-planted the uprooted shrubs and plants in both yards.  I can’t express my appreciation enough on a job well done, all done in one day!!!

Thanks again to you and your crew.  I will most certainly recommend your organization to anyone seeking this service and I know my neighbor will too.


September 15. 2009

Greg: / Streamline Plumbing:

I wanted to send a note to THANK YOU for the tremendous job your guys did replacing my sewer.  As promised the job was done quickly and efficiently.  In fact at the end of the day you would have never guessed I had any work done at all (I was amazed).  You exceeded my expectations!

Your crew is top notch in my book.  What hard workers they are – you have to be proud.

I couldn’t be happier with you, your crew and company.  It certainly was a pleasure.  Keep up the good work.  Feel free to use me as a reference.


Kathy, Fremont, CA


Dear Greg –
    Just a note to say Thank You and your crew “Professional Crew” for the skill and courtesy with which you replaced my sewer line.

The crew and all equipment arrived as scheduled and completed the replacement and clean up of all debris in one day.

I couldn’t be more pleased with your company and I will be happy to recommend Streamline, Inc. to anyone requiring sewer work.


June 18, 2009

Dear Greg:
I would like to thank you for a job well done at my property.

I had three other quotations for the replacement of my sewer lateral and some of these contractors do not even have a C-42 license to work on the street and some couldn’t even detect where the existing sewer line is going.  I had a bad experience with another contractor a few weeks ago at my property in San Ramon.  They replaced my sewer lateral and didn’t pull a permit even though I paid for it in their overpriced fees.  Now I’m going to have to pay for the permit again and deal with it myself.  These types of contractors should be penalized for their fraud.

On the other hand, Greg you are on the other side of the spectrum.  With no hesitation you knew where the sewer line was going, the depth, and what you could expect.  Your description of the work to be done was exactly what took place with your courteous and respectful team the next day, exactly like you described it.  We did not have any surprises and your words were as good as gold.

Please feel free to use us as a reference.  I will, with no doubt, recommend you to friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your excellent service and to demonstrate to me that we still can find good and professional contractors, so rare these days.


Jean-Louis – Lafayette, CA

May 7, 2009

Dear Greg:

I wanted to write you a thank you and the crew for the sewer line repair you did for our commercial building here in Oakland.  This building is over 100 years old and the sewer lines are like none other.

You know more about replacing that lateral than the City of Oakland did.  You knew more about the utilities and problems you would encounter under the street as you replaced that lateral than the employees of the City of Oakland.

While others wanted to take a dig-and-hope approach with estimates to match that, you were very direct and forthright in what you expected to find and anticipated problems you might come across.

The crew was fast, efficient and neat.  They brought the job in, in the manner and cost you had told me I could expect and again I believe this was done in difficult circumstances given the depth of the old pipe and all of the utilities they put on top of it.

Finally, I am lawyer and had no luck with the insurance adjuster.  When you got involved, however, the check arrived shortly thereafter.

I really appreciate what you did as this old building holds special meaning to my family and me.

Haley Law Offices,  Oakland, CA

May 30, 2009

I would like to thank Greg and his crew for a wonderful job that they did on my sewer lateral replacement.  The price as better than any of my other estimates and they came on time and didn’t leave until the job was finished.  I now they had to work past their usual working hours to get it done.  Also, thank you to Greg for scheduling the concrete work the next day rather than later.  I had to get the trailer off the street and without the concrete work being done ASAP I would have gotten a ticket.  Both the crew who replaced the sewer and those who put the concrete in were very pleasant and I didn’t know they had been there.  They did a wonderful job of cleaning up.  Again thank you for the professional work and I will be sure to recommend your company to any one that I meet that is in need of this type of work.


Mar. 20, 2009

My 12 unit apartment building in Martinez had an old 1940’s clay sewer that needed regular cleaning out of tree roots… and also had some “low spots”.  After one embarrassing back-up to many I decided I really did need to have the sewer replaced.

I originally was going to have my local “roto-rooter” company install the new “trenchless sewer but decided I should get at least one other bid.  I just happened to come across Streamline in the phone book… and gave them a call.  Greg picked up the phone on the 1st call, no message machine, and calmly answered my questions.  We made an appt. to meet in a few days.

What sold me on “Streamline” was the education I got from Greg.  No question was “dumb”.  Everything was explained in a way I could understand.  The video was very helpful.  Greg gave me a bid on the spot and explained about no hidden costs.

This bid was almost the same as the other bid, but I felt I was in more experienced hands.  It turned out to be a good decision.  There were a few unforeseen issues with my old sewer.  The priced remained the same and all the extras were taken care of without any extra costs.  Greg never complained about the extra work just explained what it was.  I am quite satisfied and would be happy to talk


Maureen, Martinez, CA

April 22, 2009

Dear Greg:
Just a note to thank you for the job well done at my property in San Leandro.  I really liked the way the job was done.  Your workers were very courteous and respectful.  As I told you I did not have any other estimates from other companies.  I think your estimate was reasonable.
I will recommend your services to anyone that needs the same type of services.  “Trenchless Sewer Repair is the Way to GO!!!”
Again Thanks,

February 9, 2009

Dear Greg & Streamline Plumbing Staff Members,

Ted and I are very pleased with the professional work you have done in replacing our sewer pipes.  Although the work took an extra half a day to complete, the service charge remains the same as you originally quoted.

We definitely recommend your excellent service to anyone who suffers the same problem like we did.  We are glad our headache is gone.

Best wishes to you’re A Class Business.

Ted and Meranda, Walnut Creek, CA


Greg:  Just wanted to thank you and your entire crew for responding to my sewer issues.  You were true to your word.  The job was completed as promised and you made my entire family happy.

Thanks very miuch,
Dave, San Jose, CA

January 26, 2009

Streamline Plumbing:

On January 1st the sewage line backed up.  A commercial rooter company pulled out lots of roots and a camera inspection showed a 60 year old sewage line beyond repair.  I received an estimate to replace the segment from the bathroom to the street of $16,600  and an estimated 3-5 days work time.

A consultation with the Yellow Pages led me to Streamline Plumbing and a counter offer of $6100 for the entire sewer line, another 25ft. to the kitchen feed.
A $10,000 phone call!  The Streamline work crew showed up a few days later.  They were very efficient, totally knowledgeable to the task at hand, did an admirable cleanup of the worksite and performed the trenchless pipe replacement in approx 6 hours!

My gratitude to the crew in particular and to Streamline in general.

Please feel free to use us as a totally satisfied customer reference.

Tom and Pat


Dear Greg,

Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.  We feel much better having finally replaced our 58 year old sewer.  You made it pretty darn painless.

Shari, Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Mr. Martin

I want to thank you for your excellent services replacing my sewer line.  It was prompt, courteous, efficient and patient with all my questions.  It is increasingly rare these days to enjoy these qualities in service delivery.

Thank you again,

Jean, Oakland, CA

Thank you for really taking the time to answer my questions and telling me all about trenchless sewer lines.  I like the video too.  You make the difference.  I had three other estimates and I felt very comfortable with you.  Your patience and soft spoken voice is a plus in anyone.

Please thank your crew for doing an excellent job from start to end.  I will certainly inform others about your company as you come highly recommended from me.

Thanks again as I had nothing to worry me.  You and your crew took care of everything.


Streamline Plumbing:
I thought you would like to know I am a very pleased with the sewer lateral replacement.  The first of the crew arrived at 8 am.  Just as he was completing his preliminary work another 4 man crew showed up at 9am to continue the replacement.

The crew did a very clean and neat job and the areas they worked in were left in as good condition as possible.

Please feel free to give my name and phone number to prospective customers who may ask for references.

Luana, Richmond, CA